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What’s Next in Communication?

Most people agree, communication is among the most frequently-used tools in today’s business world; and it is a critical component of success, whether selling, managing, marketing or just trying to get along with others.

One Simple Little Habit…
While there are obviously many facets of communication, there is one simple habit that, if well developed and consistently executed, will improve your business communication and success level in a BIG way!

It is the practice of specifically identifying and scheduling the next steps that are consequential to your communication — consequential to your discussions, your meetings, your teleconferences, your interviews, your sales calls, and so on.

The act of setting a date and time for the next step is simple, but not necessarily easy. But once you make it a habit, you’ll be able to enhance your productivity as well as the productivity of others… you’ll save countless hours of trying to connect with others to finalize plans for next steps after sales calls, meetings, or conversations, because you will have already done it!

One Hurdle to Jump…
There is one obstacle of which to beware. This hurdle is often referenced as being the “thief of time,” and it can make it difficult to accomplish this habit and many others. We refer, of course, to the bad habit of procrastination.

If this seems too simplistic, please read on…

5 Ideas for Improving Your Sales Team’s Productivity

Time Study Tool: More info…

A mid-sized New England company that considered itself highly sales-driven recently discovered their sales people spent less than three-hours per day interacting with customers or prospects. They also discovered that nearly 25% of the average sales representative’s time was spent on company-required paper work.

Similarly, statistics presented in The New Rules of Sales Enablement, by Jeff Ernst, indicate that 65% of the average sales rep’s time is spent not selling.

Clearly, as business owners or sales managers, one thing we can all do to boost profits, productivity as well as longevity in our sales ranks is to help our sales people work more productively and on the right things.

Here are five steps you might consider:

  1. First, recognize that you can’t assess a problem based on assumptions. Instead, identify the categories of work on which the sales force is really spending its time; share the data and seek input on how sales people can increase the amount of time spent on the key activities; i.e., meeting with or speaking with customers and / or prospects. You can purchase & download a work-study tool that will help you with this task from Conway Management Company’s web site.
  2. Help sales people formulate the best territory management or routing plans.
  3. Provide appropriate administrative support.
  4. Set standards for call volume and frequency, and measure performance going forward.
  5. Streamline order-input and CRM processes.


Wondering Where Your Time Goes?

 On which activities do you really spend most of your time each day?Working on the “right things” is an important element of productivity and success, because simply being “busy” does not necessarily guarantee goal achievement.

Yet people often tell us that they aren’t really sure about where they spend their time during the business day; and the reality can be surprising!

For example, countless time studies in different industries indicate that the average sales force only spends two-three hours per days “selling!”

If you’d like to become more aware of where you, or your team, are really spending your time, you might find this free work study tool helpful.

Designed specifically for sales and sales management professionals, this simple and proven tool will help you formulate the best plan for better time management. By putting this resource to practical use, participants will be able to think more strategically about actions and behaviors, prioritize, and identify barriers to personal or team productivity.

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