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How to Plan the Best Sales Calls, Presentations & Meetings

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your right suggests, communication-related problems can be difficult to diagnose…    Download a free 4.0 Planning Worksheet!

Consider that if a person is a poor listener, they don’t really know what they are missing!

Similarly, if we think we are communicating in a straightforward and understandable fashion we may neglect to confirm this with our audience – consequently we will “assume” that our message was accurately received and understood.  But, as George Bernard Shaw has suggested, this assumption is often an illusion.

One way to improve the reliability of our communication is to anticipate and plan its delivery; and a simple method of doing so is by using our “4.0 Planning Tool,” which is the following four questions prior to sales calls, meetings or presentations, and then recording your answers in writing (see link to free worksheet above).

  1. Objectives (If all goes well, what do I hope to accomplish?)
  2. Outcomes (What next steps will keep the process moving forward?)
  3. Operational Plan (What will I ask or say to achieve my goals?)
  4. Outstanding Benefits (Why should others listen to me?)

By the way, this habit of planning most often results in enhanced productivity for all parties as well, because by spending just a few minutes planning in advance we are usually able to identify multiple objectives for each interaction – therefore we are suddenly able to do more in less time.

This can result in a significant advantage over the course of one’s career!

“4.0” Planning for Better Business Communication

4.0 Planning…

People often tell us that they would like to communicate more strategically during business meetings, presentations, or sales calls. However, most also admit that they have no formal plan for doing so.

A good first step is to plan our communication so that we can more easily stay focused on the right things and so that we optimize the effectiveness of each interaction.

Here’s a simple method you might find useful — we call it “4.0” planning — which is quick and easy to implement. Before important conversations or meetings simply ask your self the following four questions (which are based on four “o’s”):

  1. Objectives: If all goes well, what do I hope to accomplish?
  2. Outcomes: What next steps will keep the process or project moving forward? What observable actions do I want my audience to take?
  3. Operational Plan: What are some of the things I will ask or say to achieve my goals?
  4. Outstanding Benefits: Why should my audience listen to me?

If you plan your communication in advance (in writing!) using this simple tool, you will see an immediate difference in the quality of your communication… even better, others will notice the difference too!

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