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Engagement Beyond the Workforce!

engagement2Business leaders often think about “engagement” in terms of employee or workforce engagement, which is certainly a truly worthwhile pursuit.

However, emerging data shows that greater, even more sustainable gains can be made by engaging the full-spectrum:

  •  Workforce
  • Customers
  • Channel Partners
  • Suppliers
  • Communities


Punch-up Sales Presentations with “VCD”

Visual cognitive dissonance is a tool that can give sales presentations more “punch” and also increase retention-levels among customers, prospects or audiences in general.

Researchers define dissonance as a mental state of conflict or incompleteness; and visual cognitive dissonance presents something visually that doesn’t seem to make sense at first glance. 

When presented with such an image the audience tends to look again… they want to work out or understand the diagram, or whatever they are being shown (surrealist art, jigsaw puzzles, images, etc.); they want to know more, and ultimately they tend to retain more of what has been presented because of the cognitive or interpretive-thinking process they used during the presentation. 

“…this never fails to demonstrate that Visual Cognitive Dissonance increases audience attention,” says author and killerpresentations.com CEO Nicholas Oulton.

“It produces over 90% recall of the diagram, 80% recall of the information sequence and 75% recall of the verbal information (from the presenter!) that accompanies the diagram.”