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The Cost of Disengagement?

Employee engagement has been the topic of several posts, including our previous one; and according to recent data, is on the priority list for most organizational leaders.

But it is less common to hear people speak in specific terms about the real, often hidden, costs associated with disengagement.

In a recent blog post, Conway Management Company shared data indicating that “disengaged employees create a negative and expensive ripple effect throughout an organization, and drive-up costs in five specific ways.”

  1. Higher turnover
  2. Lower productivity and profitability
  3. Little or no process improvement
  4. Higher pay
  5. Lost opportunities

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Engagement Pulse-check: Why Good Employees Quit

Enterprise engagement has been an area of concentration over the past year, and several recent posts have focused on the subject, including engaging the imagination of others and engagement beyond the workforce.

We recently came across a related article that we found interesting and that earned a few thousand “likes” on LinkedIn: “Here’s Why Good Employees Quit.”

While a number of reasons are listed, author Mary Davids, a Leadership & Professional Development Consultant, identifies four primary reasons why good employees leave for “greener” pastures:

  • Poor recognition/rewards
  • Management
  • Hiring or promotions
  • Workload