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Founded in 1999 with honesty and the highest degree of integrity as guiding principles, Paul Charles & Associates provides sales, sales management, customer service, business communication and marketing communication solutions through customized consulting, training, coaching and support services.

Leveraging many years of experience in sales-driven industries, we can quickly recognize the unique demands of your sales and marketing-related processes, and help you identify the best opportunities for improvement.


Objective input from a reliable third-party can help you make prudent decisions in less time with greater confidence. Leverage decades of hands-on experience and best practices to keep your team moving forward and increase your competitive edge.

You can select consulting, training, coaching or support programs from a wide range of professional focus areas, providing you with a convenient single-source for improving, integrating or managing all aspects of your organization’s sales, customer service, marketing or communication. You can also expect enthusiastic, responsive client service, straightforward communication and accessibility.

We have also recently become certified as an Engagement Practitioner Agency, and can help you achieve specific financial, marketing, and management goals by engaging people to focus on the actions most likely to yield the desired results. This formal framework and implementation process is designed to take the warm and fuzzy out of Engagement to help you achieve both short- and long-term goals.

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