Satisfied Customers

customer service and retention is a primary responsibility for us allIn a recent article, our associate Alan MacNaughton noted that the primary functions of any business are to get customers and keep them.

While getting customers is primarily the job of sales and marketing personnel, KEEPING those customers is the responsibility of EVERYONE in the organization, from those involved in producing the product or delivering the service, quality assurance, customer service, technical support, credit and collections, right through to the shipping personnel.

All these functions can impact (positively or negatively) how the customers perceive your company. The best (perhaps the only) way to keep customers is to insure that every customer is a SATISFIED customer.

Regardless of the type of business, insuring customer satisfaction has many benefits:

  • A dissatisfied customer is easy prey for your competitors. Conversely satisfied customers resist vendor changes
  • Satisfied customers can be your best and lowest cost sales force. They may recommend your company to others or allow you to use them as references
  • Satisfied customers tend to be less cost sensitive, and may believe that paying a modest price premium for superior service is worth it


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